Grading Information


Saturday 13th April


You can pay at reception cash or EFT or Pay online below!

** Little Rangers will NOT be grading on this day however will be receiving awards at our presentation! **
ALL Colour Belts (Junior, Teen & Adults) $50
Please make sure this is paid for BEFORE grading day. If you have a Black Belt or Dan grading, you will be contacted directly.
If you are unable to attendon the day, please Let Master Kosta or Miss Sarah at reception know asap.


9:00amJunior Yellow Grading
(White to Yellow Grading)
9:20amJunior Orange Grading
(Yellow to Orange Grading)
9:40amJunior Green Grading
(Orange to Green Grading)
10:00amJunior Blue Grading
(Green to Blue Grading)
10:20amJunior Purple Grading
(Blue to Purple Belts)
10:40amJunior Brown Grading
(Purple to Brown Belts)
11:00amJunior Red Grading
(Brown to Red Belts)
11:20amTeens/Adults Grading

To Do BEFORE grading day:

  • Grading students must have their name checked on the grading sheets BEFORE GRADING DAY
  • Grading payment must be received BEFORE grading day
    Juniors and Seniors Colours $50

**It is your responsibility to ensure ALL SPELLING, BELT SIZE and BELT COLOUR is correct** if we need to make changes after grading, a fee may be charged. If you are unsure of any of the details, please speak to us at reception.

 All grading students must wear their FULL UNIFORM and don’t forget your gloves.

 White Belts Grading:

This will be your FIRST grading, YAY!
Here’s some things to know and what will happen on the day.

  • Student must be in full Uniform (FULL Gi, gloves and belt with all stripes) White belts should have 5 black stripes plus their green, good behaviour stripe.
  • Students will be directed to where to stand by one of the teachers.
  • Parents/families please take a seat and enjoy the grading, please feel free to take photos and videos of your child and if you post it on social media, make sure you tag us! 
  • Master Kosta will call out what they must demonstrate, teachers stand around the kids to ensure they can help if they forget or need to correct anything. (no one will fail their grading). 
  • At the end of their grading, each student will be presented with a certificate and their new belt. Followed by a group photo opportunity.


Group of children with yellow belts