Casual Boxing Fitness

Bring your wraps and gloves and get ready for an intense 45-minute workout. Classes vary in format on a day to day basis. Classes cover Boxing fundamentals, general fitness and stamina as well as more advanced techniques and fight preparation depending on your interest and goals.

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** Please note: Wednesday 7:15pm is “Fight Club” this is a technical and sparring class. For more information please contact us **

Boxing Classes Wollongong

What Sets Us Apart When it Comes to Boxing Classes Wollongong

Our boxing classes in Wollongong are ideal for all teens, women and men and are the perfect starter sport to get the whole family active. Boxing will not only work on your fitness, but it will benefit you mentally, emotionally and socially. In our fun and friendly atmosphere, we excel at making this intense training worth your time. Teenagers and adults can further their martial arts training with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing or Taekwondo.

Benefits of Wollongong Boxing Classes

Starting your martial arts training with a simple boxing workout is the best way to kick off the first few weeks. This option will ease you into a good routine, and it will ensure your boxing membership doesn’t go to waste. In addition, signing up for boxing classes has numerous benefits on mental and physical health:

  • Boxing can be intense cardio training with all the burpees and jumping jacks that you will be doing. This exercise improves your cardiovascular fitness gradually the more you do it. In turn, you will also be adding to your energy levels by promoting blood flow and circulation.
  • For mental health, martial arts have proven to be uniquely impressive. With the body improvements and the fitness, the stress relief you experience through exercising is immense. By improving your strength and focus, you improve your depression and stress levels, enhancing your mood.
  • In addition to cardio and mental health, martial arts aids in building muscle tone and body strength; by strengthening your upper body and core, your chances of back problems when you reach an older age are slim.

Prepare for Your Boxing Fitness Class

We welcome new students with open arms at our studio. We understand how stressful it may be to first apply for boxing for teens, but we assure you, you will love it. Boxing for adults may seem the same as for teens, but the kids are where the big difference comes in; we go easier on them.

  • Make sure you have a light meal about an hour before your class start. A light meal includes something like proteins or carbs like beans or sweet potatoes or some fruit. Boxing is a whole-body intense workout, and if you go hungry, you might risk your blood sugar dropping too low, which can be dangerous to your health.
  • Ensure your wear comfortable clothing to your class. Wear pants that you won’t have to tug the whole time and won’t slide off when you have to do some kicks. Shirts that don’t lift uncomfortably when your jump of punch, and lastly, hair. Make sure your hair is tied back in a pony or bun, anything, as long as it’s not in your face. You will be wearing gloves most of the session, so you won’t be able to pull up your pants, move your hair out of your eyes or rub makeup residue from your eyes. Some unfortunate mistakes can happen by wearing the wrong clothes and keeping your makeup on.
  • Always bring a large bottle of water and a towel with you. You will be exercising, so you will sweat, and you will need to hydrate yourself during your class.
  • If this is your first time, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before your class starts. Inform the receptionist or instructor that it’s your first time, and they will assist you with wrapping your hands and show you around the studio.
  • If you have any previous injuries, please inform your instructor of this so that they are aware and can adapt certain exercises that might hurt you. They could also help you with your injury and recovery. Always do entire body stretches before your class starts; this includes arms, legs and your back.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Adapt Martial Arts & Boxing Academy

Boxing takes an incredible amount of energy, which results in burning a lot of calories. With your boxing memberships, you are sure to lose a couple of kilograms and boost your metabolism in the process. Boxing builds speed, strength and power when practised right. We have four membership options that you can choose. One class a week is ideal for entry-level, perfect for business people who have busy schedules. The second is a more fundamental level which is two classes a week, and this is perfect for beginners as it’s very interactive between students and teachers. Thirdly is the blackbelt level, this includes four classes a week which is ideal for individuals looking to improve their fitness and reach advanced belt levels. Lastly, we have the master class option, which includes unlimited weekly classes, ideal for serious martial artists ready for their black belts and competitions. Book your class today or contact us for any additional queries.

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