Martial Arts for Teens

Martial Art for Teens – More Than Just a Physical Workout

For the best martial art classes for teenagers, consider Adapt Martial in the heart of Coniston. Owned and run by Master Kosta, we cater for the whole family. We offer professional martial arts classes for teenagers, adults (men and women) and children from three years up. We provide a holistic and flexible programme that will suit every young person’s needs and schedule.

Learning and practising martial arts has many long-term benefits, not just physical fitness and overall health. The disciplines also assist with general emotional and mental wellbeing and have been shown to develop social and leadership skills. The physicality of the sport allows for stress release, while teamwork can build character and a strong sense of identity.

Introducing Master Kosta – a Real Inspiration

Master Kosta’s first contact with martial arts was at the age of five. Disciplined and with an innate understanding that commitment and perseverance build character, Master Kosta’s philosophy governs his life and career as a sensei.

  • The academy is a family-orientated community, with classes for every level and age group. He is highly qualified and committed to working with trainees to help them achieve their training goals.
  • Respecting the self, your opponent and the discipline is integral to all his sessions, whether these are martial art classes for teenagers, adults, or pre-teens.
  • Fascinated by kung-fu and karate movies as a child, his passion was ignited at a young age. He has dedicated himself to being the best he can be and often says his greatest opponent is himself.

Why Choose Adapt Martial Arts Academy?

The academy prides itself on being a family-orientated community that encourages membership for the whole family. Classes are at various times to allow for flexibility. Depending on the trainees’ time and scheduling commitments, a suitable slot is always available.

  • Depending on age and level, classes vary in length, beginning at thirty minutes to over hour-long sessions. There are many classes to choose from in a week, and if you miss a class, you are welcome to join the next session.
  • Our boxing class is a very popular option. The training covers fundamentals, as well as general fitness and stamina exercises.
  • If you have set yourself more challenging goals and want to explore more advanced techniques, we can cater to your requirements. We also cover tournament and fight preparation techniques.

A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellness

A strong mind leads to a healthy body, and a healthy body nourishes a strong mind. No one understands this better than Master Kostas and our fellow trainers at Adapt Martial Arts Academy. As a youngster, he found courage and hope in his training to know the benefits of the various disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, and boxing. Please enquire about our flexible membership programmes. As a member, you can also access online resources and advance alerts of fight nights and events we host in Covid-friendly times. For the best options of martial art classes for teenagers, adults, and children, contact us and let your journey begin.